Muse: The Resistance

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled bookish blogging to gush about Muse’s new album The Resistance, released in the US September 15th.

So. Muse. First fell in love with them when I heard the song “Butterflies and Hurricanes” off the Absolution album. Mostly because there was a bloody PIANO CONCERTO in the middle of it. Can you say awesome??? I afterwards grew to love the rest of the album for the soaring melodies and strong, gorgeous chord structure that very much had it’s roots in 19th-century romantic works. Plus they just plain know how to rock.

I bought their earlier album Origins of Symmetry as well as Black Holes and Revelations when it came out, both of which I liked a lot, though I was ever so slightly disappointed that they weren’t quite as pianistically-driven as Absolution.

And then The Resistance happened.

Wow. Piano galore. One of the tracks (United States of Eurasia) actually features part of a Chopin nocturne, and many of them have lots of epic piano styling courtesy Matt Belamy. The first half of the album is good. The second half is phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong—in amongst the lush orchestral harmonies, gut-wrenchingly beautiful chord progressions, and almost inhuman vocal prowess, there’s a lot of good old-fashioned rocking out going on. Oh and at one point Matt sings in French. It’s enough to give a girl a heart attack.

So, to sum up… THIS ALBUM IS BRILLIANT. Go buy it now.

6 thoughts on “Muse: The Resistance

  1. I have liked several Muse songs and I have never really listened to a lot of their stuff, but your description of their new album makes me very intrigued! A song in French? I mean, really! Who could not LOVE that? I think French was made for singing. Hehe! Nothing beats it. I will have to listen to this when we get together the next time.

  2. I love, love, love Muse. It seems like every album they come out with is even better than the last. I'm glad the new one doesn't disappoint! I haven't had a chance to get it but I'm certainly going to make it a top priority this weekend!

  3. librarian, definitely!

    Danette, hope you are successful in your quest—and that you like it! 🙂

    Anna, my what good taste you have! 🙂 Hope you can get your hands on it soon!

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