20K and on till morning…

Happy end-of-Tuesday, everyone! Today marks my WIP’s two week anniversary, so of course it’s time for some stats:

Word count: 20,426
Chapters completed: 6 of 25 (I nixed one of the chapters from my outline because it wasn’t adding anything to the plot, in case you’d noticed the discrepancy with last week’s stats.)
Status of characters: Sleepy. (They had a big day. :-))
Number of times the author has gotten disturbed: 2
Number of strange things Googled* since last week: 3
Next up: a huge argument, followed by a deathly illness
Guesstimated total word count at this juncture: 80,000

Writing is going pretty well—I had a few slow days last week, but have been making up for it so far this week. The Plan is to finish the rough draft by the end of February, which means I have 26 days to write approximately 60,000 words—doable, if I can keep the momentum. We’ll see.

Have I mentioned that this novel is strange? ‘Cause it is. It’s kinda freaking me out. As I’m writing, I’m learning more and more about the world and everybody’s motivations and exactly what it is that my evil government is up to and it’s a little disturbing. My main characters are thus far unaware that they are being manipulated, and it’s kinda sad. 😦 Writing is so weird. It gives you these connections to people and places that, really, you invented yourself, and yet they don’t really feel invented at all. It’s like they’re real human beings who actually exist somewhere, and they pop up every now and again to tell you stories about themselves. Very strange. But then I’m rather crazy.


In other news, I’ve gotten a hefty pile of rejection letters for The Whale and the Tree, and am contemplating letting the whole query process rest for a while. Sad, but true. Hope springs eternal, however, so I’ll probably send at least a few more out. We shall see.

And that is pretty much that.


* One of these happened to be “drilling holes in the head,” which led me to read about trepanning, which was a key factor in disturbing myself.

3 thoughts on “20K and on till morning…

  1. That is awesome how your story is turning out and how everything coming together, head drilling and all! Haha! I think it is part of being a good writer when your stories take a mind of their own and are telling *you* things because you know everything so well. I am excited for this story! It is going to be good! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the rejection letters. Publishing agents are lame. You just need one, though, just one who believes in your work and then you will become famous!

  2. I cannot believe how detailed you are in your updates. Nice. If I were detailed too, I could condense everything down to DONE: NONE.

    I second the sorry about the rejection. Been there. One day though, I'll log onto Blogger, make my stops, and see you got an agent. Then I'll say something about, see we always knew….


  3. silent,

    Thanks m'dear. I'm glad to know you don't think I'm completely crazy. 🙂

    Jonathon, thanks for the comment! I try to insert weird statistic categories to keep it interesting… And I very much hope you're right about the agent thing. Here's hoping!!

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