Not a very creative post title, but you’ll have that. I was secretly hoping to be at 40k today, but 10k a week seems to be all I can muster lately… which makes my hopes of finishing this thing by the end of the month kinda slim. But we shall see. Still, 30k is nothing to sneeze at, right?

In other news, whilst getting slightly *cough* VERY *cough cough* addicted to the adorable BBC show Merlin this week, I got to thinking about my two main characters from On Journeys Bound / The Blind King with much fondness, and decided to re-read the beginning of The Blind King which, if you’ll recall, was the second of two unfinished novels attempted during NaNoWriMo last November. I read it—sat there for two hours reading it—and you know what?

I really, really liked it. I mean it had all the usual rough draft kinds of flaws, but overall I was heartily impressed with myself. I only wish it had a middle and an end in addition to a beginning. Guess that’s something I’ll have to fix, right? Anyways, I was encouraged to discover that November wasn’t quite the complete and total failure I thought it was. YAY!

And now, the moment you all have been waiting for—this week’s stats!

Word Count: 30,030 (yes I stopped in the middle of a sentence so I could have that lovely number)
Chapters Completed: 10/25
Age of Characters: 16! Finally!! Now they can properly fall in love! 🙂
Number of Ominous Conversations Overheard: 1
Number of Times Author had to Bribe Herself to Keep Writing: 7
Number of Times Author was Sitting in Barnes & Noble and Saw a Strange Person in a Bright Yellow Skin-Tight Over-the-Face Cat Suit: 1 (Yes. Really.)

4 thoughts on “30k!!

  1. May I just mention I ADORE that you stopped in the middle of a sentence to keep the number 30,030. What your post title may lack in creativity, it makes up for in excitement. 10,000 words a week is nothing to sneeze at. Keep it up!

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