40k Friday!

Woot! I had a pretty great writing week, so you all get another stats post. Lucky you! 🙂

Word Count: 40,040 (I just figured out how to add two more words to produce that lovely round number :-))
Chapters Completed: 13/26 (For those keeping track, I decided to add a new chapter to the outline, different from the one previously nixed.)
Novel Weirdness Level: 94%
Number of Times Author has Listened to Laura Veir’s July Flame Album Whilst Writing: 40+
Chapters Left Until First Kissage: 1.5 (YAY!!!! :-))
Number of Random Surnames Invented: 2
Number of Times Characters have been Stopped by Other Characters in Hallways to Have Important Conversations: unfortunately way more times than I can count
Number of Scenes that Feel Suspiciously Regency: 1
Number of Airship Rides Thus Far: 1
Number of Merlin episodes watched since last Thursday: 15
Number of Pulled Muscles During Embarrassingly Non-Vigorous Jogging: 1 (OW!)

Here’s to a great weekend and 50k by my book’s four week-aversary on Tuesday!!

6 thoughts on “40k Friday!

  1. Wow, go you! I love watching you stream through this writing. Gives me a very inspirational kick in the pants. I usually feel pretty proud of myself if I can write 1K a day.

    I know you're able to do this in part because you plot out everything before you start. But do you ever change your mind or find yourself straying from the plan? Or is that part of your process and you're still able to bang out the words? Just desperately trying to understand how you do this–and wishing I could write more like you!

  2. Plotting all the scenes out definitely helps, though I've actually strayed from my outline quite a few times. Some things I can't really predict until I get to that point in the story and the narrative dictates that they go a certain way instead of how I'd planned on my my outline. Sometimes it's just subtle stuff, like conversations happening in different locations, sometimes it's more drastic—the other day I decided to add a whole chapter to my outline because my MMC **clearly** needed to have a momentary bout of arrogance before he realizes things are not quite as hunky-dory as they seem. Random things like that. I guess I would say my outline is structured but flexible, which is just how I like things.

    If only I could steam through revision, too… 🙂

  3. Joanna–what fantastic progress. Are you still using the snowflake method? We've got a discussion and some questions floating around my blog about it, and you are the one who introduced me to the idea, so I thought I would go to the source.

  4. Congrats on the word count. I got stuck again. Sigh.

    You're into Merlin? I just dl'ed that from itunes the other day, but I have to get through Veronica Mars first–which is a surprisingly good show. Have you seen the BBC's Robin Hood series? I liked it a lot for the first two seasons.

  5. Anne, hope the answer was somewhat helpful!

    Heather, yes this novel was born out of the Snowflake Method—I'll stop by your blog and join the discussion soon as I have a chance. 🙂

    mirrors, yep Merlin is my new obsession, following in the footsteps of such glorious addictions as Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who. I've not seen Robin Hood. 🙂

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