Friday, the someday-I’ll-make-it-to-50K edition

Yep, so a week later my novel is only 6,500 words further along. I’ve been meaning to make it to 50k for the last, oh, four days or so. Yesterday I wrote a grand total of 382 words, the day before I definitely didn’t break a thousand. But I guess you’ll have that, right? At any rate, I’m in the final third of the novel, and the stakes are about to get very, VERY high.

In other news, I’ve now seen both series of BBC’s Merlin (and highly recommend them. Wow.) and am eagerly awaiting the third; I’m still reading The Ropemaker and will hopefully finish soon; I ran a half mile today (a huge accomplishment if you’re me); and I’m having an Emma tea party tomorrow and am way excited about it. 🙂

That’s pretty much it, but I thought I’d share a tiny bit about my novel, which is titled Seer:

They meet for the first time when they’re six years old: blind Braise, who is destined to be a Seer and wield the powers of the Ethereal Plane, and Iria, the orphaned daughter of a Councilor, who is chosen as his Reader. Growing up together in the Seer’s Tower, Braise and Iria’s friendship gradually turns to love. But the year they turn sixteen Iria discovers the sinister truth, and everything changes…

Yes, I’m being purposefully vague. Don’t want to give everything away, now do I? 🙂

Happy weekend, everyone!

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