60K and Beyond!

Yikes, I can’t believe it’s March. When did that happen? Wasn’t yesterday Christmas 2008? I’m pretty sure it was. Weird. I never got around to buying a 2010 calendar, so I’m using last year’s. As long as I don’t look at the days it’s not too confusing. 🙂

So, noveling. It’s coming along, more-or-less. I kinda wish it was over, but if I don’t stop procrastinating I’ll never get it done. I’m soooooo close now! Just gotta get my female MC to figure out how to save my male MC, and Robert’s your father’s brother (I already know, but she doesn’t. It’s very frustrating. True love conquers all, and so on. :-)).

Anyhoo, in lieu of anything more interesting to report, I give you this week’s STATS:

Word Count: 60,881
Chapters Completed: 22/26
Number of Times Author has Stopped Action to Reveal Pertinent Backstory: 3 (ugh, I KNOW)
Number of Old People Being Disturbingly, Nay, Disgustingly Kissy-Face in Scooters: 2
Number of Times Author has Eaten Ice Cream This Week: 0 (very, very sad)
Number of Episodes Author is Behind on in LOST: 3

Yep, I think that about covers it. 🙂

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