This post is alive with the sound of music!!

In lieu of anything interesting to report (still revising, in chapter two, having difficulties), I thought I’d share a smorgasbord of music I find beautiful and inspiring for your listening pleasure. So here goes!

First up, my favorite singer/songwriter of all time, the lovely Loreena McKennitt, with her adaptation of The Highwayman. I first heard this song over ten years ago and it still gives me goosebumps:

Next up, British indie rock band Keane with Atlantic:

Next up, British rock band Muse with the epic Butterflies and Hurricanes, complete with rad Rachmaninoff piano stylin’ in the middle:

Next up, the lovely Vienna Teng with My Medea (which was the main inspiration for that not-really-very-short-story I wrote last fall):

Next up, British indie rock band (are you seeing a pattern here?) Snow Patrol, with the heart-wrenching Make This Go On Forever (with bonus Doctor Who video :-)):

Next up, the banjo-playin’ Sufjan Stevens, with Casimir Pulaski Day, one of the saddest/most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard:

Next up, the champions of esoteric-yet-beautiful lyrics, The Shins, with Pink Bullets:

Next up, obsessed-with-gorgeous-but-melodramatic-things The Decemberists, with The Hazards of Love 4, final track of their latest album:

Next up, recent favorite Laura Veirs, with the gorgeously mellow Wrecking:

And finally the weirdly-addictive M. Ward, with Chinese Translation, which has pretty much been going round in my head for the last week or two:

Hope you enjoyed at least a few of those! What are your favorites?

5 thoughts on “This post is alive with the sound of music!!

  1. Well, we have very different tastes in music for sure! 🙂
    I like country, blues, rock, and hip-hop. It depends on where my novel is set as to what music I listen to when I write…and somethings I can't listen to anything as it's too distracting.

  2. Karin, different tastes is what makes the world go round! 🙂 And yes it really depends on what I'm writing/my mood as to what music I'll put on. Sometimes I find it too distracting as well!

    Glad you enjoyed the post, Anne! I did hear about Colin Meloy's book deal—I'll be very interested to check them out when they eventually get published! He certainly has a gift for writing story-songs (though most of them are a bit morbid for the kiddos o_0).

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