In Progress

Look at me, three posts in a row! 🙂

Yesterday I:

  • Worked a bunch on the elusive Chapter Six of my novel—it’s soooooo close to being done now! SO CLOSE! Ideas are spilling out, and words too, and it feels absolutely marvelous to be back working on it again!
  • Finished The Silver Branch which I quite liked, though it wasn’t quite as inspiring as Eagle of the Ninth. I want to read the third book in the loosely-connected series (The Lantern Bearers), but the library doesn’t have it, so I see special ordering in my future.
  • Started re-reading The Hunger Games in anticipation of Mockingjay next week. I find that when you read two books in the space of four days, not-quite-a-year later some of the details tend to fade, so I intend to remedy that. I’m just about to start Chapter 6.

Today I will hopefully:

  • FINISH Chapter Six of Seer.
  • Read more Hunger Games.
  • Drink lots of tea.

I’ve already gotten one cup in on that last item.

Happy Wednesday everyone, and keep up the good work!!

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