From the Mixed-Up Archives of a Youthful Novelist with Aspirations of Grandeur

So I have a box in my closet that looks like this:

It’s stuffed with miscellaneous writing projects, the earliest of which date back to when I was short and little and didn’t need to wear glasses to see things more than six inches away from my face. Yes, folks. We’re talkin’ THE EARLY NINETIES (oh, the horror!).
Today, I thought I would inflict you with the first story I ever wrote, complete with illustrations. This dates to second grade, that illustrious time when I was reading a ton of Bobsey Twins. Here goes:
And with the immortal line “The four mystery solvers
walked down the road,” a career was born.
As you can see, this was before the day the
concept of spacing meant anything to me.
Or capitalization, for that matter.

Because everybody wants a shed!

 Not really sure what the big deal is about the chalkboard…

“The four grils” heeheehee

 Gotta love the Bad Man’s evil laughter. 😀

I love that I misspelled “right” as “wright.”
Who DOES that? 🙂

Things I love about this page:
1. The Bad Man is wearing an ape suit.
2. The Bad Man is giving out balloons.
3. Anna wants a balloon even though
they’re being handed out by the Bad Man

There’s a lot of note passing in this story.
Also, glad to know our heroines could take the time
from mystery-solving to eat some ice cream!

For obvious reasons, I never finished this story.
I like how I managed to rhyme the last couple of lines.

And now I will demonstrate why I gave up on illustration:

The Bad Man in the infamous ape suit.

Clearly there is LOTS of happiness. And food.
So there you have it. The very first (unfinished) story I ever wrote. I like to think I’ve come a long way since then… 🙂

3 thoughts on “From the Mixed-Up Archives of a Youthful Novelist with Aspirations of Grandeur

  1. Haha! This is so funny and cute! It is interesting to see where your writing talents began! Bad man in the ape suit selling balloons to a girl who wants to buy them despite it all is CLASSIC! 😉 Great stuff!

    And yes, you have come a long way since then. Hehe!

  2. Oh Jo! I love you and your stolen cat/dog story! 🙂 I gave up on writing altogether because all my stories were about the animals, the animals talking, the animals falling in love… and then I would just keep adding more and more animals and by the “end” of the story I'd end up with like 50+ dogs, 20+ horses, 40+ cats…. all with names and pictures…ahhhhh!! Anyway, this is adorable! 😀 <3

    p.s. My “word verification” word is “Jangins”..what is Jangins?!

  3. Glad you think I've improved since then, Danielle! 🙂 🙂

    Megan, there ain't nothin' wrong with animal stories!! Sounds like you had a farm/zoo by the end of yours! 🙂 And the word verification is just random, I think. Though “Jangins” is a very interesting word. Maybe I should write a story about it or something. 🙂

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