On Plot Holes, and Falling Into Them

Soooooooooo, as you know, today is November 1st. (I haven’t a CLUE how in the world there’s only two months left in 2010—this year has lasted approximately a week and a half.)

I am sorry to report that I did not finish draft two of Seer by last night. I still have four chapters left to get through. I was bookin’ along, churning out two or three chapters a day, and I really really thought I was going to make it and then



I was aware of the problem area before I got there, but I’d thought that some simple rearranging and minor revisions would fix it.

It very definitely did not.

After the initial horror at my poor novel’s predicament, my brain went into creative over-drive. There was much head-scratching, late-night pondering, and, of course, running-around-in-circles-in-despair. As of yesterday morning (I was paying attention in church—I swear), my brain presented me with a solution. I think it’s going to work. I think it might even be a little bit brilliant. It certainly makes more SENSE than before.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the park and spread a blanket under a tree and studiously re-revised two chapters in preparation for the Big Plot Hole Fix. Today I have to actually fix the plot hole.

Which might be why I just spent an hour and a half cleaning my entire downstairs and writing this blog.

Here’s to climbing out of the hole!


7 thoughts on “On Plot Holes, and Falling Into Them

  1. I just ran into this exact problem today and the despair and obsessive thinking in circles took me over. I too think I may have come up with a solution, but I need to sleep on it a night or two to make sure it sticks. Hope yours sticks too!

    p.s. I found you via the blue boards. I love the “what did you blog about today” thread!

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