So whilst revising this week I was thinking about libraries, because my main character was sitting in one, pulling books off the shelf and searching for ANSWERS. And then I realized this happens a lot in my novels.

Of my six completed manuscripts (which are set in four completely different universe-systems), all have libraries—some just minor settings, some crucial to the plot, all backdrops for Important Scenes. There’s even an underground library in that not-so-short-story I wrote last fall.

I don’t know that this is especially significant, but I thought it was interesting. I wonder if all the libraries could get a trans-dimensional-cross-universe-interlibrary-loan thing going on. That would be pretty cool.

5 thoughts on “Libraries

  1. Ohhh, I LOVE the idea of a trans-dimensional-cross-universe-interlibrary-loan! =)

    I have a character in a previous novel who kept going to the library too! I mean, it's what *I* would do if I had to solve a novel worthy problem. =)

  2. Haha! Libraries are just beautiful places where great things can happen. I do the same thing with scenes in the rain. I always have intense scenes be in the rain and it rains A LOT in my stories. Our subconscious, or maybe not-so-subconscious desires come out! Hehe! ;P

  3. I think all writers just love libraries, I know I do. My wall calendar used to be 'The Most Beautful Libraries in the World' 🙂 And one of my WIP's has a bunch of important scenes set in an amazing library…

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