All or Nothing…

So I’m back revising my novel—or at least trying to figure out how to revise my novel. My focus for this revision is just one aspect of the story/world, and I was hoping to be able to only work on those sections and be able to leave the rest of it alone. Unfortunately I’m realizing that’s not quite going to work.

I still don’t think this will be as drastic of an edit as the last one, but changing one thing means changing everything, at least a little. I worked on tightening my pacing so diligently in my last draft that I’m having to reevaluate more than I wanted to, because new/added scenes obviously affect it. I also feel like the length of the novel as is is PERFECT, which means I need to cut cut cut if I add anything.

I’m working off of an entire novel scene list again in an attempt to reacquaint myself with the big picture. It helped sooo much last time. We’ll see.

I WILL figure this out.


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