Jump Start

So earlier in the week my blog post was going to go something like this:

I haven’t really gotten much writing done and everything’s confusing and I don’t understand how to fix the things I need to fix!!

But that was earlier in the week. 😀

Tuesday, after getting a brand new driver’s license with an updated photo and my married (!) name, I met my BFF at B&N for an hour and started handwriting a scene that jump-started my metabolism—I mean my brain. I spent the first part of Wednesday finishing the scene and staring at my outline synopsis thing until I went a little cross-eyed, but I made some good decisions and was able to plow ahead. Today I wrote another new scene and am quite pleased with how it turned out—of course I haven’t reread it yet, so anything could happen there. 🙂

I’m slowly working through the novel how I’d originally intended—rewriting/reevaluating the problematic scenes one at a time. I’m printing out the rewritten/brand new scenes on green paper (leftover from my wedding!!), taping them into my manuscript, and buggering on. The plan is to get through the whole novel that way, then start at the beginning, do the edits that need to be done, make sure all the new bits fit okay, cut what needs cutting, etc. I think this is gonna work. I hope so!!

Also, I think I should get some kind of award for battling my MacBook this week. Not only does the screen go black if it’s at the wrong angle, there’s something askew with my trackpad that makes my cursor jump around and haphazardly delete things whilst I’m typing. I can eliminate that problem by plugging a mouse in, which I will forever do now, but still. Kind of lusting after a new computer, I’m not gonna lie…

All right, that about does it. I kind of like that I rebooted my blog and didn’t tell anybody and so no one is actually reading this. 😀 I figured if I could be consistent for a month or two, I might spread the word again. We’ll see.

Peace out!!

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