Caution, Read Through In Progress: Verbiage Ahead!

So I wound up printing out my novel after all—had to resort to copying and pasting the whole thing into Pages and tweaking the formatting for a while but I got that bad boy printed out in the end!

I’m almost halfway done with my read-through/editing and I’m really liking this draft so far. I’m cutting as many extemporaneous words as possible and it feels good. I love that stage of editing when you’re so on fire that deleting things no longer make you want to curl up in a hole and die but cackle with evil glee instead. 😀 It remains to be seen how many words I’ve actually axed so far; I’m hoping it’s in the neighborhood of 1K, though.

I’ve also rearranged some scenes in chapters three and four that were bothering me, which I think has solved the problem, and my newly rewritten sections are turning out to work with the flow of the novel much better than I thought, so that’s encouraging.

Definitely on track to have the finalized Draft #3 ready to be sent out into the wide world by the end of the month. Hoorah!!

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