Will Write for Motivation

So I have a bad case of the blahs and have been procrastinating like a bandit on that revision lately. I’ve written exactly one scene and a couple of sentences this week and that is IT. I still haven’t finished chapter five, even though I’m really close!! I’ve got pages upon pages left to get through of my Revision Check-list, and even though it’s laid out in lovely color-coded order, it all seems like such an overwhelming amount of work and I’m feeling like I’ll never get it done and if I do it won’t matter anyway. At the same time, of course, I know very well that this novel is Important and might actually be The One and I just can’t give up!!!

I clearly need some motivation beyond the someday-maybe-it’ll-be-all-shiny-and-published variety. Any suggestions? Threats? Bribery? Horrifying ninja monkeys of doom?

What do you do to stay motivated???