This Writing Thing

Well, September is upon us! I’m slowly pecking away at the novel rewrite, and—as usual—being frustrated and encouraged in turn. I’m finally beginning to get a vision of how I want it to go, but there’s so many decisions and possibilities it gets pretty confusing. But I’m gonna push through!!

I keep having to re-realize that, for right now, I can’t worry about:

… whether or not it’s too long

… whether or not there will be a market for it WHEN I finally finish

… whether or not my writing is perfect

… whether or not I’m being as creative as I aspire to be

… whether or not I’m ever going to make it past the first few chapters

I can, however, focus on:

— Plot!

— Characterization!

— Pacing!

— Structure!

— Doing the best I can with where I am right now

— Enjoying the freedom that comes with re-imagining the story

— Working on it EVERY DAY

At least I have something to semi-distract me from compulsively checking my email every two minutes and the miniature heart attacks brought on by seeing a reply to one of my queries in my inbox.


This writing thing, I tell ya.

Wordcounts and Doctor Who and Batman, oh my!!

Well, mostly good things to report over here!

My read-through went super good—I slashed and dashed as many words as humanly possible and got ye olde novel down to……………… 88,819 words. Not quite the 85K I was hoping for, but at least it’s under 89K. You know. Ish.

I’m currently researching agents (I’ve been doing it on and off for a while now), honing my query letter and so on, and all that editing paid off—I revised and condensed that query, hooray!

Still working on getting my Scrivener compile feature up and running again (the tech support people are super helpful). Just got a general Scrivener update email today and it said that a couple of recent Doctor Who episodes were actually penned in Scrivener, which of course made my little geeky heart go pitter pat. 😀

Gonna poke at my novel a little more and make sure it’s EXACTLY perfect, and then it’s off to the query mobile, batman!!

Take Two!

I officially started Draft #2 of Seer today!! Whooooooooo!

I finished working through the scene outline on Saturday, and have dubbed it The Revision List of Hi-Lighted Awesome to make it sound like loads of fun. (But it is hi-lighted. And hopefully awesome.)

I only made it through three scenes.

You see I was suddenly inspired to write a query letter, so I worked on that most of the afternoon in lieu of revisions. Queries, in case you were wondering, are still really, REALLY hard. Boiling down plot + character + voice into one or two paragraphs is no easy task! I think this one actually turned out pretty good, though. Too bad I can’t exactly use it yet!!

So anyway. Revisions. The Revision List of Hi-Lighted Awesome (tRLoHLA) is nearly six pages total, and gives me a lovely breakdown of all the scenes that will be included in Draft #2, some new, some moved, some facing complete and total rewrites, and a few (a very few) that will get mostly left alone. Draft #1 had twenty-six chapters and Draft #2 will have twenty-nine, so even though I’m deleting a number of scenes (and the entirety of chapter three), I’m guesstimating I’ll gain 5-10k by the end of it. My novels always get longer when I revise them. I’m really glad this one began life at only 70k. Gives me lots of wiggle room. 🙂

I’m hope hope hoping to have Draft #2 completed sometime in June so’s I can hand it off to a few trusted souls who’ll tell me if it’s any good or not (hopefully gently, if it’s the latter :-)).

This revision train is off and running!

… as long as I don’t get too distracted tweaking that query letter.


Happy Tuesday, world!

In lieu of more interesting things, I give you

Querying Stats Thus Far:

  • Number of Queries Submitted: 21
  • Number of Rejections: 13
  • Number of Fulls Requested: 2
  • Number of Partials Requested: 1
  • Currently Outstanding: 6 queries, 1 partial, and 1 full

Not exactly sure what any of this means (I certainly never claimed to be good at math), 🙂 but I feel like I have a decent enough percentage of requests-versus-submissions to give me some iota of hope regarding eventual agent acquisition. Plus, I haven’t run out of agents to query yet, which is good.

Got the partial request yesterday morning and was quite happy about it, because 1) The query was 6 weeks old and I’d almost written it off, and 2) The submission included the synopsis, which I don’t feel that great about, but the agent requested a partial anyway so I guess it doesn’t suck quite as much as I feared. Anyways, huge YAY on that score!

No word on last week’s full request as of yet, but I wasn’t really expecting one, as the agent who requested it said she was way behind on reading manuscripts.

So we’ll see.

*is trying not to be irrepressibly hopeful but failing*

In other news, the revision see-saw has definitely tilted towards The Rose Queen; almost finished with a re-read, and am rather optimistic that it can (and will! and must!) be fixed.

Didn’t do any editing yesterday, mostly because I was wrapped up in re-reading The King of Attolia and squeeing at all the awesome parts (which, to be honest, are pretty much on every page) like I hadn’t already read it three times. Oh man. SO much love for that series!! (I know, I know; you’re probably all sick of me mentioning these books in like every single post, but seriously, they really are THAT awesome. Not even kidding you.)

Also, I’m going to Kansas next week, which will probably mean no Tuesday post, unless I’m really awesome and write one beforehand and figure out how to make Blogger post it for me in the future. Hmm. I’ll have to work on that.

Over and out!

Ju-ly, Ju-ly, Ju-ly-y-y-y, It never seemed so strange…

Well, we’re smack dab in the middle of summer, now. Temps have been rising horribly into the hundred-teens, and I’m getting cranky. Especially when I realize that 1) There’s three and a half to four more months of this, and 2) Billions of people across the planet live surrounded by trees and green growing things and can be outside during the summer without the flesh peeling off their bones and their inner organs gasping and dying like a bunch of shriveled-up raisins.

Not that I’m complaining or anything.

Okay, not much.

But really. It’s HOT here. I mean, seriously! I tried to take a cold shower the other day, and there wasn’t any cold water. If that’s not bad, I don’t know what is.

And now for an update on all things novel related:

  • As of last night, I have twelve rejections, eight outstanding queries, and one request for a full (which is a MAJOR yayyy! but doesn’t necessarily mean anything).
  • Editing on The Fire in the Glass is going absolutely terrible. I’m very disheartened.
  • Re-reading The Rose Queen and thinking it might be possible to fix after all…

And that’s it.

Guess I’ll blame the heat for my increased levels of inactivity.

Dang heat.