It’s January Already!

So, so, so, welcome to the second day of 2014! It’s sunny and seventies in AZ, which might make a lot of you jealous, but I really wouldn’t mind some clouds and snow and a roaring fire and some hot chocolate. I am drinking black currant tea with cream, though, so that’s something!

On the roster for 2014:

  • I’m turning 30 in twenty-five days. That sounds really old. 0_o (Obviously this isn’t a goal, just an inevitable event.)
  • Whale and the Tree revision. Hoping to be finished circa April, although this draft will need at least another pass after that. Really proud of my changes so far! I think it’s already a much stronger manuscript.
  • Another novel. Possibly another revision, possibly a reworking of last year’s short story idea, possibly something completely new. We’ll see!
  • I have a ton of books I want to read, including but not limited to: The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Sorrow’s Knot, The Bitter Kingdom, Shadow and Bone, The Fault in Our Stars, Unthinkable, The Name of the Wind, The Night Circus, Reflections (Diana Wynne Jones on writing), and whatever else has yet to tickle my fancy! (Book suggestions always welcome!)
That’s it for now. More later if I think of anything! Also, my tea is gone, so it seems a fitting place to end.
Go forth and be awesome, everyone!

Rainstorms and Novels and Tea, oh my!

Wow, so the greater Phoenix area is a awash (literally!!) in the most ginormous rainstorm ever! It’s been raining ALL DAY, roads are flooded, power lights are out—all that good stuff. And then I guess tonight we had a tornado watch, which is about the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Tornadoes? In ARIZONA?? Weird. Still raining pretty hard and fairly steadily. I think I might need to invest in a boat if I want to go out tomorrow!

But at any rate. As of this evening, my novel is 5,757 words, and there’s just one scene left to go until I’m ready for chapter three. I’m writing at a much slower pace than I usually do during NaNoWriMo, but I’m okay with that—I feel pretty good about what I have managed to get down on paper (well, Scrivener) so far.

What’s really interesting is that I’m telling the story partly from the first-person point of view of my blind MC, and I’m having to learn different ways of describing things, focusing on textures and sounds and smells instead of the usual visuals. It’s challenging to not even be able to say things like “He smiled,” and to give a sense of a room’s space without talking about green chairs or light flooding in from windows or whatever. I keep catching myself writing things that are absolutely impossible coming from my MC. I’m really enjoying his voice; he’s technical, inquisitive, and feels quite at home with math (unlike me!). I’m excited to get to write more from my other MC’s point of view in the next chapter.

Also, I think I drank about a hundred cups of tea today. I had one this morning, a small pot at White August Tea this afternoon (noveling during a rainstorm at an adorable tea shop = HEAVEN), and another cup this evening during lessons. I wonder if I’ll get any sleep tonight. 🙂

Rainily yours,


ETA: Yep, definitely had too much caffeine. Tried to sleep, couldn’t, so got up again and noveled until 3 AM. I’m now up to 6,236 words (and kinda tired, but you’ll have that)!